“Brushed by Hand, Polished by Foot”, essay for Biennale für Freiburg

Renovating a mosaic in the workshop, „Faszination Freiburg“, © SWR 2020, Text by Marius Schwarz for Biennale für Freiburg

“Obligation: Studio”, eeebook w Lukas Varady-Szabo [incense stick w Niklaus Mettler]

“History of Oh”, essay published in OASE 100 and 카럴 마르턴스—스틸 무빙

“SKOOBEEE”, eeebook with Annika Kahrs at Flat Time House [keychain hanger]

“He at Sea”, eeebook with Charlott Weise at Kunstfort Vijfhuizen

“Out of the Fire”, eeebook with Jacob Darfelt [matchbox]

OUT OF THE FIRE, eeebooks, Jacob Darfelt and Marius Schwarz, matchboxes

“Out of the Fire”, eeebook with Jacob Darfelt

“The Green Our Sheep Graze”, investigative essay on Otl Aicher's studio in Rotis, published with Mitko Mitkov